Resources Moving guide

If packing yourself consider the time and effort that will be needed to properly handle and protect your belongings. Most often you can save money by packing yourself but it might be wise to leave fragile or valuable items to the professionals.
With H&H Movers you have the option of doing all or some of the packing or leaving it to the pros.

If you’re doing the packing you’ll have to have everything packed and ready to go when the truck arrives.

Generally, furniture and any major appliances will be carefully wrapped with padding by H&H. Some items such as pool tables or chandeliers should be handled by professionals check with H&H for arrangements.

To ensure the safe arrival of your belongings it is best to use new high quality packing materials. H&H can provide a variety of moving cartons all designed specifically for your household items of all sorts. You’ll need bundles of packing paper, rolls of PVC tape, markers, scissors, and a notebook (to keep track of your inventory).

Check with your H&H representative with ANY questions. Don’t be afraid to ask we’re here to help you and save you money.



2 months prior to move

  • See doctor, dentist, vet ….. ask for referrals (get medical records), if necessary
  • Inventory your household goods ……… begin to de-clutter
  • Start using foods and cleaning supplies that cannot be moved
  • Check with H&H Movers for your FREE estimate and get your move date guaranteed
  • Stop by your Post Office and pick up some ‘change of address’ cards
  • Start a file with all of your moving paperwork (estimate, receipts, contacts, floor plans, etc)
  • Make arrangements to transfer school records (if necessary)


1 month prior to move

  • Contact telephone, power, and other utilities with dates to disconnect service at your old home and connection at your new home.
  • Make space in a room or the garage to utilize as a staging area
  • Obtain packing materials and start packing items you won’t need until after you arrive at your new home – or – contract H&H Movers to do your packing for you
  • Arrange for the cleaning, painting, and preparation of your new home before you arrive, as needed
  • Arrange any special transportation of your pets and plants, if necessary


3 weeks prior to move

  • Make child care arrangements for moving day
  • Dispose (or give away) items that cannot be moved, such as flammable liquids
  • Have a moving sale
  • Call any local charities to pick up any unwanted items … get a donation receipt for taxes


2 weeks prior to move

  • Notify your bank regarding change of address … check to see if your bank has a branch nearby your new home
  • Return any loaned items
  • Retrieve any loaned items
  • Transfer prescriptions and medical records as needed


1 week prior to move

  • Finish up all packing
  • Take pets to the vet for immunizations, and check up, if necessary
  • Drain your water hoses
  • Check and close your safety deposit box and move to new branch, if necessary
  • Transfer your bank accounts, if necessary
  • Pack box of items that will be needed first at your new home
  • Pack children’s toys and items they can have available when you move into your new home


Moving day!

  • Make sure you’re available for H&H to answer any questions at your old home
  • Make sure you’re at your new home to instruct H&H Movers as to exactly where to place your furniture and other items
  • Check your belongings carefully to make sure everything is in it’s correct place and nothing is damaged
  • Be ready to pay H&H Movers according to the arrangements you’ve made